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When to Conceive a Girl - Best Timing You Must Know!

Do you know when to conceive a girl? What is the best timing for trying to conceive a girl? Today, I am going to relieve a few popular techniques that have been proven by thousand of couples around the world. You can simply follow the guides below to know when to conceive a girl baby today!

In order to conceive a baby girl, you will need to know the correct timing to have intercourse! Yes! This is one of the very important factors of all. The best technique is to have intercourse at least three to four days before your ovulation. This is because the X girl sperms can usually survive up to four days. Where else, the weaker Y boy sperms are unable to survive that long. Thus, by the time your ovulation start, most of the boy sperms should have died off leaving only the girl sperms waiting to fertilize the egg. However, keep in mind that you should also stop having intercourse 12 to 24 hours before the ovulation.

Most people will usually use the ovulation calculator to predict their next date. You are at the risk if you are still using this method since the actual date may change suddenly on the next month. Even worst, some of the woman has an irregular ovulation cycle! Thus, if you really want to know when to conceive a baby girl, you will need to find a more accurate way to measure it!

One recommendation is to use an ovulation predictor. It has been scientific proven to tell you the coming ovulation date. You can easily purchase one from the nearby clinic.

There are some other factors that you should know when to conceive a girl. For example, you should consume more of the acidic foods like corn, breads, blueberries, etc. to raise the PH level of the vagina. We need to create a more acidic environment to reduce the total number of Y boy sperms, since we know that the boy sperms are weaker and can die off easily under such a condition.

The secret on when to conceive a girl is to apply the proven techniques! See how I compare two secret baby gender selection methods that are safe and 100% natural to use!

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How to Conceive a Girl - Shannon Courtney

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