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How to Have a Baby Girl - Tips on PH Acidic, Penetration, Orgasm!

Why is it so important to create an acidic environment for conceiving a baby girl? Well, in fact, there are many influence factors on how to have a baby girl. Controlling the PH level of the vaginal is one of the important things that you must know how to do it right!

If you really want to conceive a baby girl, you must create the best environment for the X sperm to survive and fertilize the egg. The X girl sperm is a slow swimmer but its life span is stronger than the Y boy sperm. You can be surprise to know that they can live up to 4 days once they are released out!

One of the best methods on how to have a baby girl is to create an acidic surrounding on the vagina. This kind of condition is bad for the boy sperms as they are weaker and cannot survive long enough under such an environment. Thus, this will increase the chances for more girl sperms to swim slower towards the egg.

How are we going to control the PH level? There are a few effective methods that you use. One of them is to consume the correct types of foods that can change the level. A few of the recommendations are: meats, blueberries, plums and cakes. You should eat more portion of these foods during this period for conceiving a girl.

And once you know you have reached the ideal acidic condition, you should have intercourse using a shallow penetration. This type of position will help to deposit the boy sperms at the entrance. The boy sperms will then have to swim through the acidic condition which will eliminate them. This is one of the important and effective techniques on how to have a baby girl !

Furthermore, the woman should not reach orgasm during the intercourse. This is because some scientific reports have shown that woman reaching the orgasm state can raise the PH level in the vagina to the alkaline level. This is kind of conditions will increase the survival rate of the boy sperms. Thus, it is not very recommended if you are choosing on how to have a baby girl.

There are also other factors, which will influence the baby gender selection. Read more of the secret methods that have been proven by thousand of couples around the world.

I have made a comparison table. You may like to see how I have compared their effectiveness now.

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