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How to Concieve a Girl Baby Now - 3 Ultimate Secret Tips!

Many couples are still looking for the best formula on how to concieve a girl baby. Are you one of them? You can conceive a baby gender girl if you know the correct secret to the baby gender selection. In fact, there are some very safe and effective methods already used by many couples to have a baby girl.

I want to cut everything short, thus, in this article, I am going to summarize 3 very important techniques. If you are able to apply them with care, you can greatly increase the chances on how to concieve a girl baby!

Tips #1:
You should control your diet during these periods. This is very important as what you eat can greatly influence the chances to have a boy or girl. For the case to have a girl baby, you should eat more of the calcium-rich and acidic foods like macaroni, nuts and meats. Eat more of these recommended foods can help you greatly on how to concieve a girl baby.

Tips #2:
Have you heard before that orgasm during intercourse will affect the result to choose baby gender? Well, if you are trying to concieve a baby girl, do not try to reach the orgasm state. This is because orgasm for a woman can produce a biological effect on the body to change the vagina's environment to become more alkaline. An alkaline PH level is a more ideal environment for the boy sperms to survive.

Tips #3:
Have intercourse at the right timing. For the case to conceive a baby girl, you should have intercourse at least 3 to 4 days before reaching your exact ovulation date. And it is recommended to stop having any intercourse within the 12 to 24 hours before the ovulation. By applying this technique, you are trying to allow more Y girl sperms to reach the egg.

There are many other proven and untold secret methods on how to concieve a girl baby. If you can follow the techniques strictly, you will be also able to select the baby gender of your choice.

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