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3 Proven Methods on How to Concieve a Boy Baby !

Many moms-to-be having this wish on knowing how to concieve a boy baby. There is always a desire for many couples to choose sex of baby. However, how many of you would like to pay thousand of dollars to visit the baby gender clinic? In fact, there are quite a few secret techniques that you can use to choose a boy baby. The methods are safe, effective and 100% natural. In this article, let us look at three of the very important elements.

Tips #1:
The number one guide on how to concieve a boy baby is to perform the correct position during intercourse. In order to conceive a baby boy, you should have deep penetration at the rear entry of the woman. The reason is very simple, a deep penetration can allow the guy to deposit the sperms nearer to the egg. The Y male sperm which can swim faster, will then be able to reach the egg first.

Tips #2:
Woman should have orgasm during the intercourse. This is an important factor to change to PH level of the vagina. When the woman orgasm, there will be some biological changes on her body, which causes the vagina's environment to become more alkaline. This is the best condition for the Y male sperms to survive and swim to fertilize the egg.

Tips #3:
How to concieve a boy baby using the orgasm method is only part of the formulas. You should also consume more alkaline food that can help to adjust the PH level of the vagina. Some of the alkaline foods that you should eat more to concieve a boy baby are carrots, bananas and cauliflowers, etc.

The above 3 methods are the very important elements to concieve a boy baby. You should also understand the importance of knowing your exact ovulation and getting pregnant with a boy. In fact, most people are using the ovulation cycle calculator to pinpoint the exact date, but it is not a very accurate method to use!

There are also many more factors that can influence you on how to concieve a boy baby. You should be able to select the baby gender of your choice by using all the proven secret techniques...

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