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How to Concieve a Baby Boy - Untold Secret Food and Intercourse Position!

Many couples have been looking for a natural and safe way on how to concieve a baby boy. Is there ready a proven method that had been used by many other couples? Yes! There is! The secret on how to make a baby boy will be much simpler if you can follow my two important steps listed below carefully.

Let start off the basic on how to concieve a baby boy. Basically, there are two types of sperms - Y for the boy and X for the girl. If you want to concieve a baby boy, you will need to create the ideal environment for the Y sperm to survive and fertilize the egg. How can we do that? Well, in this article, I am going to teach you two important methods let the boy sperms to survive longer!

1) The food you eat can affect the chances to have a boy or girl! And in order to conceive a baby boy, you should consume more alkaline food. The reason behind is very simple! The food that you intake daily will indirectly affect the PH level of the vaginal. In fact, the Y boy sperms are weak and will usually die off easily under acidic condition. Thus, we must provide a more alkaline environment in the vaginal just for the boy sperm to survive through to reach the egg.

The secret on how to concieve a baby boy is to eat more of the alkaline foods. You can consume more food like cauliflowers, eggplants, apples, bananas, etc. All of these foods can help to change the PH level in the vaginal to be more alkaline.

2) You should also apply the correct position during the intercourse! This is another important factor that you shouldn't miss in order to increases the chances on how to concieve a baby boy. Well, the secret is to only apply deep penetration during the intercourse.

One of the best positions is by asking the woman to lie on her stomach with her knees in a sitting position. The guy will then deposit the sperms at the back entry. This kind of deep penetration will allow the sperms to be released near to the egg. In this way, the Y male sperms which can swim faster can reach the egg earlier.

There are other factors like - why you should have intercourse a few days before your ovulation date, what kind of food you should avoid eating in order to plan for the baby boy, etc. All these factors will greatly influence the chances on how to concieve a baby boy.

Read below to see how I compared two of the most popular boy or girl baby gender selection methods. In fact, the choosing gender of baby methods had been used by thousand of other couples around the world. They have also been proven to be 95% accurate! See how I have made a comparison between them now!

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