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How to Conceive a Girl - Tips You Must Know!

Many couples are looking for proven ways on how to conceive a girl. Is there really an effective boy or girl predictions technique? Yes! And in fact, there are some simple, natural and effective techniques that you can apply to increase the chances to conceive baby boy or baby girl - it can be as high as 94%!

Well, in this article, we will discuss the various methods on how you can use for conceiving a baby girl. Truthfully, more than thousand of couples who are trying to conceive a girl have tried these techniques throughout the world.

- How to conceive a girl - technique 1:
You must first know your starting day of your ovulation period. This is important as you will need to have intercourse at least a few days before the ovulate start to conceive a baby girl.

The reason behind lies on the life span of the male and female sperm. The X chromosome sperms for a girl swim slower, but they are stronger and can survive longer than the Y chromosome sperm for a boy.

By having intercourse a 3 to 4 days before the ovulate, the weaker male sperm will not survive that long enough. By the time your ovulation starts, the chances of female sperms to reach to the egg will increase dramatically.

- How to conceive a girl - technique 2:
You will need to control the vagina's PH level. As we have mentioned before, the male sperms are weaker in strength. Thus, if you are able to control by making the PH level to be more acidic, most of the male sperms will not be strong enough to survive through. Once again, this will increase the chances for the girl sperms to reach the egg.

- How to conceive a girl - technique 3:
A shallow penetration during intercourse will enhance your chances to conceive a girl. This is because the girl sperms are stronger to swim through the vagina channel. Where else, the acidic condition is not in favor of the male sperms as they are weaker.

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